Responsible AI to Guide Us in a World After COVID19

We are going through unprecedented times. Coronavirus has each one of us in the grip. At best we are quarantined at home, at worst we are fighting for our life, or for saving someone else's life. We are dependent on technology more than ever: to be able to work so as to sustain the global … Continue reading Responsible AI to Guide Us in a World After COVID19

Magic Kitchens, Conditions and Unconditions

I read yet another book recently, called The Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz. I read his other books, too. I like him, very inspiring. In this book he is delving into Love, in all forms. Love among humans. Love between men and women and most importantly, love for yourself. He says, simply put, … Continue reading Magic Kitchens, Conditions and Unconditions

A Good Decade

I have been following Leo Babauta´s blog for a while now, it is called Zen Habits. He writes about spirituality and personal growth mostly. It is being a great friend to me. His last blog is about his reflections on his personal past decade, as well as his insights and learnings from it, which inspired … Continue reading A Good Decade