Responsible AI to Guide Us in a World After COVID19

We are going through unprecedented times. Coronavirus has each one of us in the grip. At best we are quarantined at home, at worst we are fighting for our life, or for saving someone else's life. We are dependent on technology more than ever: to be able to work so as to sustain the global … Continue reading Responsible AI to Guide Us in a World After COVID19

User Story Mapping

I read a wonderful book, User Story Mapping by Jeff Patton. If you are a Product Manager in an Agile environment and are to read only one book, then make it this one. It is not only eye-opening, insightful and full of content, it is also funny. I laughed and learned a lot. What is … Continue reading User Story Mapping

My/Your Next Job

I now have been in an intensive process of looking for a job, applying, interviewing etc. Much reflection and experience have accumulated, which I want to share. I hope it helps you if you are going through the same process. Here is what I learned for myself: Knowing who you are: It is as simple … Continue reading My/Your Next Job

Would You Do a PhD?

It has been 5 years since I completed my PhD. After a very long time, this morning I returned to my thesis to read the Acknowledgements section I wrote back then to feel and understand why I chose to do a PhD. At this very moment, I can only say I am a happy and lucky … Continue reading Would You Do a PhD?

On Big Data and Human Interactions

Just now I read a very interesting and insightful article about Big Data and what insights it provides to human behavior and the social interactions. MIT professor Sandy Petland is a (Big) Data scientist, a social observer and also a regular invited speaker at the Davos World Economy Forum. Some sentences that stuck to my mind: "I believe that the … Continue reading On Big Data and Human Interactions