How to Make Hard Choices by Ruth Cheng

Another talk on TED, which came with an epiphany in the end. I love such stories or such talks for that matter. This one is about making hard choices. I have always been interested in this subject: making choices or decisions because I repeatedly find myself in that situation. So this fifteen minutes talk spoke directly to my heart. … Continue reading How to Make Hard Choices by Ruth Cheng

Lollipop Moments

We have all changed someone’s life — usually without even realizing it Yet another great TED talk; this time it is about leadership. Most enthusiastically and entertainingly delivered by Drew Dudley. He tells us his story about changing a girl's life entirely without even having recognized it. Just through a simple lollipop. Much later he understands that  … Continue reading Lollipop Moments

On Being Wrong by Kathryn Schulz

"You plan for one thing, something else happens instead..." I watched this talk of Kathryn Schulz more than once. It moves me as much each time. She says we are all so obsessed by being right and getting things right because doing so makes us feel good, valuable and safe. Yet, being wrong is a most natural … Continue reading On Being Wrong by Kathryn Schulz