SEVGILERDESevgileri yarınlara bıraktınız Çekingen, tutuk, saygılı. Bütün yakınlarınız Sizi yanlış tanıdı. Bitmeyen işler yüzünden (Siz böyle olsun istemezdiniz) Bir bakış bile yeterken anlatmaya her şeyi Kalbinizi dolduran duygular Kalbinizde kaldı. AT LOVESYou postponed love to tomorrows Shy, timid, respectful. None of your close ones knew you well. Because of never ending work (and you never wanted … Continue reading Transience

Buenos Aires Querida

I am on my way back from Buenos Aires to Barcelona. It is the third time that I am on this route and it is the first time that I am not heartbroken to say goodbye. Still, secretly in me, I am wishing if only I had one more week... Each time I leave Buenos Aires, … Continue reading Buenos Aires Querida

User Story Mapping

I read a wonderful book, User Story Mapping by Jeff Patton. If you are a Product Manager in an Agile environment and are to read only one book, then make it this one. It is not only eye-opening, insightful and full of content, it is also funny. I laughed and learned a lot. What is … Continue reading User Story Mapping