Spring Water

cropped-fullsizerender-2-3.jpgThis is what Pinar means in Turkish. In fact, I have three names. Raife Duru Pinar. First one is my grandma’s name. An old, rare Turkish name. I have heard it only two more times in my entire life. Grandma and I were born on the same day. May 6. Like our names and birthdays, we have shared many things in our lives, until she passed away and left a void.

‘Duru’ means clear, which my father wanted to call me. My mom wanted ‘Pinar’. So they called me both: Duru Pinar, Clear Spring Water.

I was born in Istanbul. In 1998 I went to Germany to stay only for 1 year to learn German. 21 years later I now have a PhD in Computational Linguistics and I dance the Argentine tango. I had planned for none.

I am a researcher in essence and a curious person by nature. People matter to me. So do different cultures. I have lived in Turkey, Germany, Italy, USA Spain, Switzerland and to a certain extent in Sweden. I embrace diversity and different mindsets. I am experimental. I like risks, changes, and challenges. I continuously question the current state of things. My goal in life is to make a difference. For the better.

That is why this blog. If only even one person in this world feels inspired, relieved, questioning, encouraged, curious, calm….because of what I share here, I will be happy and peaceful. Now and when I am no longer around.

What I Do

My academic education started with English language and literature as I always loved books and the playful surprises of the human language. Later, when I left home to discover the big world, I also discovered the world of logic. I found peace in the calmness of rational thought.  I loved it so much that my academic education ended with a PhD in computational linguistics.

I was a curious child and I liked to create things. I asked many questions, danced ballet and painted. It happened naturally that I became an academic researcher and eventually an IT manager, so I could continue asking many questions, then create the solutions. Arts, books and dance still help me inspire myself and others as a product manager. At the same time, my rational and pragmatic mind loves to deliver simple, working technology to people to solve their problems.

2 thoughts on “Spring Water

    1. Hello Mike, what a truly lovely surprise to read you here (I hope you are the Mike that I think you are) 🙂 Thank you so much! I am really happy and humbled by what you have written.
      I feel so blessed to be where I am and am so happy to be able to do what I do for you in that role. Thank you very much for everything. Look forward to our 2021 journey 🙂


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