‘A Better You’ on TED

I recently discovered a series of talks on TED (Ideas Worth Spreading) named ‘A Better You.’ The talks are about you and your life, it is about the things that may or should matter to you. They make you reflect upon yourself.

They are of varying length, from 3 minutes to half an hour, so that you can perfectly watch one while you are waiting for the bus, or on the train, or just before you go to sleep.

So, how does this ‘Better You’ look like.

In one talk called “Success is a continuous journey” Richard St. John tells, very briefly, what success did to his life. Success made his life an unhappy one. 
He heartily explains that all the things that mattered to him about his work, like passion, focus, creativity, dedication…brought him the success, success being money. And precisely that made him fail, because he no longer could dedicate himself to the things that mattered to him: to his passion, to his real work, to his creativity. Because the money needed to be managed. He couldn’t care for his people, because he had no time to do that. 
So he decided to compensate what he lost through material acquisitions; fast cars, expensive holidays…He bought everything, but one: happiness.
He started to fail, because he was unhappy…The more he failed, the less money he had. And guess what? The more freedom! 
His freedom and his state of having hit the bottom transformed him back to the person he was in the beginning: passionate, creative, dedicated,  hard working, and happy…
It is a heartfelt story of about only 4 minutes. Watch it while you are waiting for your hard-boiled egg to cook.

on TED: Richard St. John “Success is a continuous journey”

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