Buenos Aires Querida

I am on my way back from Buenos Aires to Barcelona. It is the third time that I am on this route and it is the first time that I am not heartbroken to say goodbye. Still, secretly in me, I am wishing if only I had one more week... Each time I leave Buenos Aires, … Continue reading Buenos Aires Querida

Fear of Life by Alexander Lowen

"One day I read a book and my whole life was changed". This is what Orhan Pamuk writes in his book "The New Life".  That is a difficult book, it cost me a lot of time and energy to understand if I did at all...But. Recently, I read a book.  My whole life was changed. No. Just, … Continue reading Fear of Life by Alexander Lowen

Tango Is a Difficult Thing

This thing called tango is a difficult thing...I don't mean the technicality. That is not easy either, but on that bit you can always improve. With patience, decisiveness and sufficient practice anyone can become a fairly good tango dancer. I claim. What is difficult is the rest.The world of tango gives you a lot but demands equally lot. … Continue reading Tango Is a Difficult Thing