Have you ever been to Trømso?

Me not.
Not until recently.
I didn’t even know it existed.
My ignorance.

It is so far up north.
So so far up north.
Too north for a girl from the south.
Too dark, too cold, too far, too much too…
I was almost afraid to go.

Trømso is a little island town in the Norwegian fiords.
I flew there for 8 hours, changing the plane 2 times.
Munich – Copenhagen – Oslo- Trømso.
I could go straight to bed when I arrived.
I went there for work.

I went there work, and what a peace I found.
Water water everywhere.
What a daylight..
Hills, the sky and only a handful of people.
Just the peace of the nature and me.
Go there, it will be you.

There is a great espresso shop in in Trømso.
The only one.
Run by an Italian guy from Treviso.
He will celebrate your coffee in the proper espresso machine and serve itto you in  his fluent Norwegian with an Italian accent.
My piece of south in the far far north.

I went there for work.
What a piece of peace I found in Trømso.
Go there it will be yours.

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