Gone with the Wind

Something happened yesterday. I was mindlessly browsing through Facebook. I was at my computer, I had a lot of work to do on a Sunday. I was bored, stressed and also a bit mad at myself. I actually wanted to be outside, I wanted to walk, meet friends, do yoga. Anything.  Instead, I was sitting at my computer and trying to finish some urgent work. I find myself often in this situation and I am realizing that I have less and less tolerance.

Then I saw a post of a friend of mine on Facebook. He was hugging two girls and he was in the middle. The girl on his right-hand side had a big, cheerful smile that made her very beautiful. She was bright. When I looked again though, I saw more than only her beautiful smile. Her hair was extremely short and there were some tubes on her arms. Then behind her, there were some monitors. I realized that they were in the hospital. The girl on the left-hand side of my friend, his girlfriend, looked very pale. She also smiled but it was a tired one. Then I read the post below the picture, which started with a crying smiley. The happy, shiny, bright girl with a wonderful smile passed away that night. The picture was taken two weeks ago.

My friend wrote in that post that she was hungry for life. I looked at her Facebook site. It is a very strange feeling to look at someone’s Facebook site, whom you know is not there any longer. Two days ago she was. And she is still so much there. Her site is full of her dancing, swimming, laughing, travelling pictures. She is so alive. The only thing you can tell is that her hair kept becoming shorter. She loved life unconditionally and she embraced all that it offered her until her very last moment.

Something happened yesterday. I put away my computer. I went out, into life.


5 thoughts on “Gone with the Wind

  1. Hi Pinar. I am not sure is you remember me: david harris – toronto. You came to my mind and I found this post. Stay strong on your journey. David


      1. Pinar. How strange is that: your post on my birthday. My post and now wishing you a happy birthday. I remember you as a brillant mind and more. David


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