Back to the Sky

On January 18th my aunt flew back to her beloved skies. She was my second mother. She has been fighting cancer for the last six years and despite being the bravest warrier, she surrendered. I am greatful she did not suffer too long,

She was a stewardess at Turkish Airlines. I learned so much from her. She brought me the big and exciting world beyond my reach each time she returned from a mission. It was Switzerland, USA, Singapore, South Africa, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia… She saw and knew everything. She also taught me manners. How to fold paper tissues, to serve drinks, to cut fruit, open wine bottles, she introduced me to “banana split”, and she was the best and the most creative cook of our family. She was beautiful and strong. I even copycatted her handwriting because it was so beautiful. She was my bittersweet I loved her and I feared her a little bit. She was strict with me but I knew I was her daughter.

Without her I would not be where I am today. She made me understand, through her wonderfully charming stories of her trips, that there is a big world outside that I must experience. She even tried to make me a stewardess but I was 7cm too short for that.

She was the cutest, hippest and the bravest of our family. She was my idol. And what a charm she had. Tall, slim, wearing her brandmark red lipstick and carrying her Estee Lauder “White Linen” perfume for as long as she lived.

I remember the day when she told me she was diagnosed with lung tumor, potentially, and that she was going to undergo a surgery. We were at the balcony of my home in Munich. It was 2015. I could not believe it, did not want to believe it. We all took it as just some sort of requirement we need to fulfill and then we will all go back to normal.

Nothing went back to normal.

From the surgery day onwards all went wrong and only got worse… I don’t know if she had suffered less and lived longer if she were living in another country like Germany, Switzerland, US…I will never know.

My gorgeous aunt loved her skies. She loved being a stewardess. She even named her only daughter “Sky”. And how beautiful and professional she was…Finally she is back to her beloved place and she is at peace.

When I was a child, each time I saw a plane, I would say, my aunt is in it. Now, I look at the sky, everyday, and I know she is there. Happy.. I miss you my beautiful aunt. I miss your voice, your stories, your red lipstick, I miss your perfume. I know you are happy now and at peace. And I know you know I will care for your “Sky”.

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