On Being Wrong by Kathryn Schulz

“You plan for one thing, something else happens instead…”
I watched this talk of Kathryn Schulz more than once. It moves me as much each time. She says we are all so obsessed by being right and getting things right because doing so makes us feel good, valuable and safe. Yet, being wrong is a most natural state of being human. Moreover, we keep thinking we are right, even if we have been wrong all along. We don’t realize we are wrong, because we are so busy with being right.
Being wrong is ok, being wrong is good, being wrong is human. Being wrong is how the life is. It just happens that you are wrong. You plan for one thing, and something else happens instead. Things just don’t turn out that way.
She tells the audience to think back on their high-school times. You were all going to marry your high-school sweetheart, buy a house at your home place and raise your children together. Something else happened instead.
How was it with you? I was wrong. Something else happened instead.

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